Life is worth living

About Us

Life is Worth Living provides personalised support for community access outings, activities of daily living and specialised respite services, which cater to individual needs. 

Other services include assisting with life transitions such as living independently, education support and respite including short-term emergency accommodation.

Our office and home base, ‘The Nest’ located in Newtown, offers a variety of resources to enhance social skills and capacity in daily living.  A fully equipped kitchen facility,  biking and outdoor equipment and activities for indoor sessions provide lots of choice during our support sessions. Many people often also find ‘The Nest’ to be a place of relaxation and comfort, seeing it as a “second home” and look at it as a place to chill.

Research shows that relationships greatly influence our wellbeing, learning, and health. Our Team at Life is Worth Living makes it a priority to develop and sustain a trust-based professional relationship with those we support.

The Life is Worth Living team’s overall focus is to make a positive difference in the lives of those they support by seeking ways to enhance lifestyle experiences, where one can leave feeling heard, valued, and fulfilled at the end of a session.

We also like to promote collaborative communication between family, support coordinators, the therapy team and our LIWL team. LIWL team members are dedicated to helping and providing opportunities for people to flourish. Our staff play an essential role in their ongoing interactive support, and we like to close the communication loop by sharing their experiences and successes with those that play another vital part in the lives of those we care for.

Our Vision, Mission, and Values

Life is Worth Living’s Vision is to enable those living with disability to live their best life possible. Our main focus is to listen to individuals’ expressed needs and ensure they feel well supported to actively participate as a valued member of the community.

Life is Worth Living’s Mission is to provide quality personalised services with a flexible approach that allows us to tailor our support based on individual needs, wants and interests.

Values are paramount, and the passion for our work filters into what we do. Our Team promote acceptance, respect for one another and a sense of belonging to our community. We embrace diversity which is reflected by our unique personalised approach. Our values include building relationships through trust and understanding, to foster a valued and rewarding connection. Members of the team actively seek out opportunities on shifts to empower people to creatively explore their level of involvement and contributions in activities of daily living experiences.

What We Can Do for You?

We specialise in community access, where participants’ interests are acknowledged, and incorporated into our sessions, resulting in increased motivation, and positive personal development outcomes.

The Life Is Worth Living workplace and primary respite location, ‘The Nest’, provides an inclusive safe home-based hub, where people feel welcomed, have a sense of belonging, and are part of the community. The Nest provides many opportunities to develop long-term sustainable social and life skills that are transferrable into daily living.

Respite Services operate from The Nest as well as holiday locations.

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