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Life is Precious...

Life is Worth Living

Here at Life is Worth Living we believe in a holistic and passionate approach that focusses on ‘ability’ rather than ‘disability’. Through this fundamental difference, we are consistently empowering our clients and leading the industry towards a mindset of ability support services.

Our services include respite, peer mentoring and 1:1 support work – primarily in community access. Our mission is to provide a high quality, personalised service that is tailored to support individual needs both at home and in the community. To leave a lasting impact by developing transferrable skills, connection to the community and character growth is our gauge of success. 


We aim to provide those we support with a sense of connection and belonging with our Life Is Worth Living team at The Nest, and the broader community.


Our Team encourages people we support to express aspirations through enabling individual choice. With a strengths-based approach, we facilitate positive outcomes.


We believe building a compatible and trust-based relationship is foundational in promoting future growth and successful outcomes.

How we can support you:

Our team provides support with integrity, honesty, and transparency.

We prioritise finding the best match between our staff and those we support to maintain a consistent support network.

We provide a nurturing workplace from The Nest for both our staff and those we support, resulting in high staff retention and continuity of care.

What people think about us:

Our Services

Our staff seeks opportunities based on individual interests and goals, whilst also encouraging those we support to be curious and explore their own potential. Staff aim to work in collaboration with those that we support and their broader network, to provide achievable outcomes. 

Our holistic approach aims to include the development of improved mental, social, spiritual, emotional, and physical health and wellbeing.

Life is Worth Living is very much in support of forming therapeutic partnerships to proactively assist people in constructive ways under professional guidance. In addition, we also aim to implement and translate clinical outcomes into everyday life settings by using an informed practical approach.